Stock Market | Best 460 Canadian Stocks -$100 – Ultimate Guide

Investing for passive income in this Canadian Dividend Stock is a great choice for an investor. These are a great source of income for the long term on autopilot mode.

Buying and selling real estate infrastructure can be a great choice. However, you can also give this prosperity on rent and start earning a handsome income. 

However, if you are considering the risk of investing in stock, it gives flexibility and an enhanced way to handle the risk involved in this.

Investing in stock can start with very low capital or fund. Everyone can easily start investing and begin to earn passive income for a long time.

This is the article in which you will know about the best Canadian dividend stock through which you can easily generate a $100 monthly passive income.

The Canadian Dividend Stock to earn $100 monthly passive income

To generate stable passive income using stock market investment, you must first choose a dividend stock that has an up trend of cash flow and also check the balance sheet with some prediction of profit in the upcoming period of time.

So, we found that there is Pembina Pipeline (TSX-PPL) is the best Canadian Dividend Stocks in Canada to buy immediately. This is the largest province of Calgary-based energy transportation and midstream servicing companies having a market cap of $23 billion based on the data available.

Currently, its stock is trading at the rate of $41.80 per share. On the other side where TSX’s benchmark is fallen 14.02% in 2022.

So good news is that if you buy Pembina Pipeline (TSX-PPL) shares then the offer is applicable that you will gain 6.02% annually. 

According to the company’s plan, total revenues are divided into payouts for investors on monthly basis. So at this time if you buy 400 to 500 hundred shares by investing $20,000, you can definitely generate $100 plus as passive income monthly.

Other reasons to buy Canadian Dividend Stock

The company, Pembina Pipeline served as a midstream servicing agency for more than 65 years in North America so it has great experience for long-term investment.

Pembina Pipeline is a well-known transportation service provider in the area of hydrocarbon liquid transportation, natural gas products,  condensate stabilization, and many more services primarily in the Western Canada region. Besides this, the company also deals in providing infrastructure for logistics business solutions. 

The company’s main objective with hydrocarbon chain value accomplishes to offer the slate of marketing services and midstream to its customers in the power industry.

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Starting from 2016 to 2021, the firm has gained 2x of the total revenue, even during the COVID-19 pandemic time. 

Pembina Corporation has three under-construction projects with estimated values of up to $900 million into service in 2023. The organizational infrastructure is expanding day by day with current liable assets. This is foreseen that the company is strengthening its value in the upcoming year with a high impact on the share market over five years.


Ultimately, keeping in view all the factors in mind, it is likely to say that the Pembina Pipeline Corporation’s share price may generate a high passive monthly income for its investors. So, wisely speaking, it is recommended to buy these Canadian Dividends Stocks to produce monthly passive income on an autopilot basis.


Are student can start stock market trading?

Yes, of course, students with good stock market knowledge can easily start the stock market with handsome earnings.

What is the stock meaning?

It is some share in terms of the certificate of a particular company or organization.

Is the stock market hard?

It varies on the knowledge of the participant, if he/she has deep knowledge of the trading then it can really markable a home-based job.

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