Tata Power Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 – Ultimate Guide

Tata Power Company comes under the power sector and industry power integrated. As of writing the post, according to NSE, the Tata Power Share Price target is INR 239.10 which is -1.93 down as compared to the previous share price. Whereas according to BSE, the Tata Power Share Price is INR 234.39. Although there are always up & downs in the share price.

Day-Based Assumptions

Tata Power Share Price Target Based on Day Scale the Tata Power share price is open at INR. 225.90. The maximum graph may go to INR. 226.50 & it can touch the bottom at INR 222.50. This may close at INR. 225.05 for the day.

One Week Assumptions

There was a slight decline from the last four days. Then the share price goes dramatically on the peak. Day on December 6, 2022, the share price was INR 228.06 which was the highest price ever in the last month of the year (December 2022). The returns for Tata Power’s share price may be considered down as -0.89% for targeting INR 229.00. So there was a drop in the price of the Tata Power share price target for 2022,

Tata Power Share Price Target 2022

In the month of November 2022, there was a sharp drop in the share price of the company which was indicating the returns as 3.5% for a positive sign for the investment if you are targeting the Tata Power Share price. During the month there is a light peak time when the share price for the company increased sharply.

To target 2023 in the last month of the year, there was a drop in the price of the share in 2023.

According to source indicators accessing the records for three months, there is a sharp decline from the month of September 2022, and after that, Tata Power’s share price is stable in the scale of INR 245.40 to INR. 212.25. An individual may get a drop in return of 7.86% for the given duration.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2023 

Coinciding with the data from the last six months, there was little increase in the share price from the month of July to last September. After the month of September the stable price of the company shares. For the month of December 2022, there is stability in the share price if an individual is considering targeting 2023.

MonthOpening PriceClosing PriceMinimum PriceMaximum PriceDifference
January 2023229.453228.464224.457229.145+2.145%
February 2023230.566229.457230.432231.411-0.451%
March 2023231.455229.454230.488231.456-0.455%
April 2023229.545228.124230.448231.145+0.022%
May 2023231.554229.455231.445230.459-1.455%
June 2023231.454230.545230.488231.455+1.458%
July 2023230.454231.411231.985229.188-1.044%
August 2023228.788231.478230.145231.41+0.123%
September 2023234.455236.454236.966238.478+1.895%
October 2023236.566238.455239.488240.488+2.100%
November 2023239.655237.984239.448235.562-3.921%
December 2023234.332235.697235.454237.458-2.812%
Tata Power Share Price Target 2023 Prediction

Tata Power Share Price Target 2024

MonthOpening PriceClosing PriceMinimum PriceMaximum PriceDifference
January 2024232.454233.464234.457235.145+0.145%
February 2024235.566236.457237.432239.412+1.451%
March 2024238.455237.454239.488237.456-1.455%
April 2024239.545239.124238.448238.145-0.022%
May 2024240.554238.455239.445240.459+1.455%
June 2024237.454238.545239.488238.455-1.458%
July 2024240.454241.411239.985238.188-1.044%
August 2024239.788240.478241.145241.41+0.123%
September 2024234.455236.454236.966238.478+1.895%
October 2024236.566238.455239.488240.488+2.100%
November 2024239.655237.984239.448235.562-3.921%
December 2024234.332235.697234.454236.458+2.812%
Prediction Tabular form

History of Tata Power Share Price Target  

The highest share price from the year 2018 to 2020, there is little decline in the share price of the company. From the starting 2020 to 2022 there is a sharp increase in the Share Price Targeting 2022 and from that point, in time there is fluctuation in the share price.

The lowest price for the share is INR 27.30 and the highest price is INR 289.90. Investors may get a huge difference in the returns at the mark of 139.12%.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2025

MonthOpening PriceClosing PriceMinimum PriceMaximum PriceDifference
January 2025240.454243.464244.457245.145+0.145%
February 2025246.566246.457247.432249.411+1.451%
March 2025244.455243.454242.488241.456-1.455%
April 2025239.545239.124238.448240.145+1.022%
May 2025241.554239.455239.445240.459+1.455%
June 2025241.454238.545239.488238.455-1.458%
July 2025240.454241.411239.985238.188-1.044%
August 2025239.788240.478241.145241.41+0.123%
September 2025243.455242.454240.966241.478+1.895%
October 2025241.566240.455240.488240.488+2.100%
November 2025241.655240.984239.448240.562-3.921%
December 2025240.332240.697239.454239.458+2.812%
Figure – Prediction Table 2025

Tata Power Share Price Target 2030

MonthOpening PriceClosing PriceMinimum PriceMaximum PriceDifference
January 2030250.453249.464250.457251.145+0.145%
February 2030253.566253.457251.432250.411+1.451%
March 2030254.455255.454256.488255.456-1.455%
April 2030255.545254.124253.448252.145+1.022%
May 2030255.554253.455255.445256.459+1.455%
June 2030253.434252.645255.498254.495-1.458%
July 2030255.453255.419259.935258.828-1.044%
August 2030255.768256.473255.146256.41+0.123%
September 2030259.455257.454258.966258.478+1.895%
October 2030260.566259.455258.488259.488+2.100%
November 2030259.655260.984259.448259.562-3.921%
December 2025259.332256.697259.454261.458+2.812%
Tata Power Share Price Target 2030 Prediction

Analysis of Tata Power Share Price 

The share price of the company has indicated a drop of 0.44% whereas according to Sen-sex the Tata Power Share Price has risen.

As per recently updated source data, the share price is INR 224.92. 

The company’s stock had a last-session ending price of INR 225.9. The stock’s 52-week high and low prices were accordingly INR 298.0 and INR 190.0. According to BSE figures, 303522 shares were traded mostly in the market for an overall transaction value of INR 6.86 crores.

According to BSE figures, the company’s shares were trading at 3.3 times its price-to-book value and 28.27 times its trailing 12-month EPS of INR 8.03 per share.

Technical Analysis – Tata Power Share Price in Terms

The stock market’s relative strength index (RSI) on the technical charts was 50.21. The RSI swings back and forth between 0 and 100. According to ch-artists, RSI shouldn’t be seen in isolation since it could not be enough to make a trading decision, just as fundamental experts can’t recommend whether to buy or sell using a single valuation statistic.

The RSI number is often regarded as overbought when it is above 70 and oversold when it is below 30.

Holding Indicators

As of June 30, 2022, entrepreneurs owned 46.23% of the organization while international investors and local institutional investors owned 10.1% and 14.69%, respectively.

For the quarter that ended on September 30, 2022, the firm recorded consolidated sales of Rs 14181.07 crore, down 3.13 percent from the quarter before (Rs 14638.78 crore) and down 39.2 percent from the quarter before that (Rs 10187.33 crore).

Its profit for the most recent quarter was Rs 819.09 crore, an increase of 94.32 percent over the same quarter a year earlier.

Tata Power Share Price Target 2023 Recommendations

The current Mean Recos is indicating for Holding Stage the shares up to the next prediction.

Current1 Week ago1 Month Ago3 Month AgoIndicators
Predication – Tata Power Share Recommendations

Share Price Target Fundamental Points

Tata Power Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030 - Ultimate Guide
Tata Power Share Price Target – Fundamentals Key points

Tata Power Share Price Holding Pattern

CategoryNovember 2022December 2022January 2023February 2023
PromotersNovember 2022December 2022January 2023February 2023
Mutual Funds4.484.787.489.45
Predication – QoQ Change – Share Price Target


Formerly known as Tata Electric, is one of Indian largest integrated power companies. It is presently working to generate the entire power value chain of power services conventionally renewable energy and next-generation high-tech solar panels for roofs and EV Solar Systems for its customers. The company set up India’s first hydroelectric power station in 1915.

It generates 12772 MW of power of which 30% comes from renewable sources. The company is also setting up EV charging stations in the country.

This is also known as a green energy-producing company that delivers its services to its customers with sustainability measures.


What will be Tata Power Share Price in the future?

According to data compiled by a different source, the tata power share price is going to Rs. 260.455 over the next five years. Different figures are illustrating that Tata Power Share Price for the year 2023 may have up trends.

What will be Tata Power’s share Price in 2025?

Tata Power Share Price Target for 2025 may be INR 235.45

What is Tata Power Share Price Target?

For the short-term goal, the Tata Power Share Price Target is INR 235.788

Is Tata Power fundamentally strong?

As getting source data and reports, buying and selling Tata power share may have a fundamentally strong reason to buy.

What is the minimum Tata Power Share price?

Based upon different assumptions, the minimum Tata Power Share Price is INR 224.455.

What is the Maximum Tata Power Share Price?

Based upon assumptions, the maximum Tata Power Share price is INR 227.455

Can I buy Tata Power stock?

Yes, you can easily buy Tata Power shares from different online platforms and by registering on different online trading applications.

Is it difficult to buy Tata Power Share?

Today, everything is possible on the internet, Yes you can easily buy Tata Power shares from trading apps.

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